Bullet soul hacker
Part shooter and a part checkpoint racer, Bullet Soul Hacker puts you in the shoes of an escaping hacker jumping from the vibrant skyline of a futuristic world that’s decaying from within. An attempt to combine two diverse genres with a central mechanic which generates the rush of adrenaline common to both.
It is also part of my continuing attempts of humanizing enemies by whatever means possiblethrough the mechanics. In Bullet Soul Hacker, the player is directly affected by whose body they take over by having to use their weapon, survive in their body (with their own strengths and weaknesses) and to battle the enemy’s personal memories from distracting them.
It is also partly an attempt to convey a story combining cyberpunk’s part pulp fiction and partphilosophical nature and narrating it in a non-linear manner that complements its checkpoint structure and fits its themes.
I am hopelessly in love with a memory. An echo from another time, another place. Michael Faudet (via sinnephi)

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